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Curry, Traditional Curries, Tandoori Dishes, Biryani, Bangladeshi, Indian
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Home Cooked Food

Special Maducash Murghi Molai

Pieces of marinated chicken fried with whole cashew nuts and blended with honey in lightly spiced with butter flavoured thick sauce, a mouth watering medium dish

Special Murghi Sylheti Chillies

Shredded marinated chicken fried with garlic cooked in heavily spicy thick sauce garnished with fresh green chillies and fresh coriander, which is slightly above madras strength

Lahori Korai Chicken

Chicken Cooked with garlic onion bayleaf in a thick sauce, originated from pakistan

Lahori Korai Lamb

Cokked with garlic, onion and bayleaf in a thick sauce, originated from pakistan.

Fried Chicken Tikka Garlic

Chicken tikka deep fried with fresh chopped garlic, onions green pepper, garnished with coriander

Tandoori Chicken Bhuna Massala

Shredded marinated chicken in spicy massala sauce

Chicken Tikka Jamal

comnination of two taste, spicy in the bottom and sweetness on the top

Indian Roast Chicken

Fillet of chicken tossed fried in medium sauce with exotic herbs and spices